Measuring Content Marketing Success

How is your content marketing coming along?

Content marketing is essential to establishing credibility as a professional in many types of businesses. At Port Bell (the parent company of MyCoach.Life), we have written content on our main web site; we have set up a second web site ( specifically for video content, and our blog has podcasts.

It has been interesting trying to gauge metrics with so many different sources across multiple web sites, and no one metric works for everything. We use Google Analytics for our general web sites. It works well, but Google has recently started charging for advanced metrics so the days of free statistics are gone there. We also have metrics provided by our hosting (, another part of the Port Bell Consulting Experience), and our webinars have their own metrics. Using all three, we can gauge who read, watched, or listened to our content and where they came from.

If this is starting to sound complicated, your are right, it can be. Contact us if you would like help gauging your content, or other, marketing efforts.

Leadership for Introverts book cover

Leadership for Introverts Book Excerpt

Here is an excerpt of the book Leadership for Introverts:

Introverts and extroverts are very unique personality types, and the way each type thinks is vastly different.  If you are reading this book, you either consider yourself an introvert, or you want to understand introverts more. Either way, you are at the right place.

Many introverts are happy with the way they are. And if you’re not, that’s your problem – Matthew Hutson.

This world is full of loud sports events, loud parties and loud traffic. It’s full of open office layouts, big gathering holiday events, and more meetings than you can shake a stick at (is there more of anything than you can shake a stick at?).

Group brainstorming, in-person networking, and social networks are the norm. This is an extroverted world, or so the extroverts would have us believe.

But, according to recent studies by Meyers-Briggs and in scientific magazines1, over half the people in the world are introverts.

“` For Extroverts: Can you spot the introvert?
Introverts, raise your hands (yeah, right!). Extroverts would be surprised at how many people are introverts because we have learned to act at being extroverts. Extroversion is expected in the United States, as it is expected in most of the western world. “`

Just about any team that gets formed will have introverts and extroverts, but which type is the better fit to be a team leader? Extroverts are quite often chosen to lead because they are the ones to speak up first. And introverts, by nature, are willing to let someone else lead even when they have more knowledge and skills because it will mean that they don’t have to stand in front of a group and talk.

But, the job of the leader is not just to talk and push the group forward. It is also the role of the leader to listen and adjust the plan based on other people’s input and ideas. Yes, extroverts can do that, but introverts were born to do it.

Click here to purchase Leadership for Introverts today!

Read the back cover here.

Referral Groups

Referral Groups – Yay or Nay

Referral networking meetings are vitally important for many small business owners. Ask any group of entrepreneurs where their clients come from, and referrals will always be toward the top of the list. But referrals do not just come from previous clients; they can also come from people who know, trust, and like you. Consistently going to networking meetings, whether they are national organizations or independent, can help you be known by other small business professionals in the area and will help get more referrals. The trick is to refer more people than referrals you receive. Be a benefit to the other people in the group. Of course, this means that you need to be able to trust them as well.

What do you think of referral groups? Leave a comment, I’d like to hear from you!

-Dr. Ty

Best SEO Results

Local SEO

I ran a local web design and search engine optimization company for 15 years before starting my coaching practice.  The more the internet becomes the default place to look for businesses and services; the more important it will be for proper search engine optimization (SEO). Every business, even global businesses, should do local SEO. More and more people don’t just type the keyword they are looking for. Instead, they type the keyword and their city or zip code.

Local SEO is less expensive than global SEO so it is a more affordable option for local businesses, especially businesses that depend on clients that live close by. I have repeatedly tried to get restaurant owners to think very locally when it comes to their SEO. In cases like that, don’t stop with the city. We helped one restaurant get onto page one for the street where they were located and that alone resulted in a 15% increase in lunch business.

And, as always, please contact me for SEO consulting.

SEO Recommendation Tips

What is your SEO strategy?

After 15 years of running a search engine optimization company, I can say that there is one thing that can be done that will outshine any and all other SEO efforts: Good quality content. There are hundreds of SEO tactics that can be implemented, but if the content is bad, or non-existent, all other efforts will be useless. There are two reasons for this.

First, the search engines look at content to see if it relates to the other SEO efforts. If the content doesn’t match keywords, the search engines will ignore it. Plus, search engines are getting smarter all the time. Good content does not mean keyword stuffing. It is said that content is king, but that is not necessarily true. Good content is king. You need good quality content.

The second reason is that your real motivation is to sell your products or services to real live customers. They will leave very quickly if your content is bad or is nothing more than a keyword article. And remember, as far as SEO goes, there is no such thing as too much content.

Contact me if you need SEO consulting.

-Dr. Ty

Tips on how to promote your business

What are new ways you can promote your business?

Think about what you are not thinking about. Yes, it sounds confusing, but think about what you are not doing right now. Make a list of everything anyone else does to promote their business, no matter how silly it sounds. For instance, it may not seem obvious to a plumber to write an article or do a video. But, a video on how to easily unclog a drain could be of great value to customers and show the person as a professional at the same time.

So stalk your competition and see what they are doing compared to what you are doing. And, look for what neither of you are doing. That could be promotion gold.

Networking for Introverts

Networking for Introverts

Networking for Introverts

It is true that some people are more natural networkers than others. Extroverts seem to be able to naturally socialize, and they are so good at small talk. Being an introvert does not mean a person is shy, however. Introverts just need a reason to network. Social situations are the bane of an introvert, so try to find a reason to be at the event. Networking can be a great avenue to get your products and services known, so find ways to make it easier. Make it a fact-finding mission. Or, if you know some of the people who will be there, check out their social media profiles to find a common interest you can talk about. Finding a purpose to network will make it a lot more enjoyable.

Learn more about networking for introverts in my new book, Leadership for Introverts.


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Leadership for Introverts book

Book: Leadership for Introverts

Leadership for Introverts

my newest book, is now available for pre-order at Amazon Kindle here.

You can also read the first two chapters for free on Smashwords.

Leadership for Introverts should be available in all major formats by May 15.


It’s time for Serious Growth as an Introvert Leader.

Introverts can make Great Leaders… with the proper training.
And Now there is a book specifically for Introverts on how to do just that!
Some see introversion as a weakness, but it is not. Quiet has Power (think about those awkward silences) and it is time to embrace the Power of the Introvert. Introverts make up half the population of the world, if not more. That means extroverted leaders are not communicating properly with half the people they lead. Let’s show the world how our quiet influence can shape the future.
Learn how to draw from your well of strength so you stop getting that anxious feeling in social situations.
Explore ways to take your Introverted Leadership skills to the next level.
In “Leadership for Introverts,” Ty Belknap (having a Doctorate in Leadership) argues that it is time for quiet, unassuming people to shed the shy title, rise up and show the world the Power of Quiet.
There are hints and tips for working with extroverts, recharging in high-demand situations, and even “For Extroverts” areas to help them understand introverts more.
Whether you need help working with teams, handling social situations, leading an extroverted child, or designing a retreat that will work for both extroverts and introverts, this is the book for you.
and with sections on how introverts can master networking, marketing, and even leading extroverts, “Leadership for Introverts” will forever change the way you see yourself.
Dr. Ty shows you how the power of coaching questions can propel your leadership abilities.


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