Measuring Content Marketing Success

How is your content marketing coming along?

Content marketing is essential to establishing credibility as a professional in many types of businesses. At Port Bell (the parent company of MyCoach.Life), we have written content on our main web site; we have set up a second web site ( specifically for video content, and our blog has podcasts.

It has been interesting trying to gauge metrics with so many different sources across multiple web sites, and no one metric works for everything. We use Google Analytics for our general web sites. It works well, but Google has recently started charging for advanced metrics so the days of free statistics are gone there. We also have metrics provided by our hosting (, another part of the Port Bell Consulting Experience), and our webinars have their own metrics. Using all three, we can gauge who read, watched, or listened to our content and where they came from.

If this is starting to sound complicated, your are right, it can be. Contact us if you would like help gauging your content, or other, marketing efforts.

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