Podcast: Developing Your Strategic Vision – Success Planning Webishop #4

Your Strategic Vision | Where Are You Going?

What is stopping you from creating your compelling strategic vision? Is it:

  • Time?
  • Money?
  • Help from others?
  • Fear?
  • Knowledge / information?
  • Something else?

I would say that fear is the #1 reason more people do not accomplish the visions for their lives. Fear can be crippling, it can be devastating. For introverts, the fear of knowing we have to leave our safe havens and go socialize can be a huge reason that stops us. We can use the other items on the list as excuses, but most of the time it boils down to fear.

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What Is Your Mission/Edict? Success Planning Webishop Podcast #3

Your mission answers the question; what do you do?

And it begs the question; is that really what you do? Mission is a part of doing. Your mission is part of the action. For example: Let’s say John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt works in a factory. He stands at a conveyor belt. His job is to put nuts and bolts into compartment B of a container so the product that this company makes will have all of its nuts and bolts for the customer when it gets shipped out. And when people ask, he says: “My job is to stand at a conveyor belt. I’m putting nuts and bolts into container B and that’s what I do all day long. It’s kind of boring, but…”

Your edict should be designed after your mission statement, not instead of your mission statement. Yes, your edict may replace your mission statement, but it is easy to mess up an edict if you do not have your mission defined. Listen to the Podcast to find out more!

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What Do You Believe In? Success Planning Podcast #2

What do you believe in? What are your Core Values?One common definition of core values is: Core values are commonly held beliefs and commitments. However, core values are personal, so you could say that your core values are what define you, or what define your business. Most people and most businesses have arbitrary core values. They have not specifically defined their core values. so those values can change based on how you or the business is doing or on how the CEO feels.

But that could be a recipe for disaster. As an example, let’s say you get a job offer from a company that wants to give you a larger salary and a signing bonus. That may seem amazing on the surface. But you could be very unhappy in that job if the company’s core values are different than yours.

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Success Begins With Why – Success Planning Podcast #1

Why Do You Do What You Do? Why is the core of success. If you do not know why, your passion and determination can leave you quickly. Watch this Podcast by Dr. Ty and fuel your passionate Why! See the video at www.webishops.com.