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Can You Plan Happiness?

Happiness seems to be fleeting all too often, and the reason could be because of a lack of planning.

But, can you plan happiness? I believe people can. Think of the things that sap your happiness. Is it something you can change your attitude about? What good things can you find about the situation? If nothing else, is it a learning experience for the future? Find a way in which a bad situation could be better, and visualize it being better. Your mind will work to accomplish whatever you think about, so think about a bad situation turning better. Imagine what it would feel like if you were happier about something. We cannot change what happens around us, but we can change our reaction to it.

But happiness can leave us at times.

Sometimes very serious things, like the death of a loved one, make it impossible to be happy. That is where joy comes in. Where happiness is fleeting, joy is eternal. One sad fact of this world is that death happens to us all. And being happy during such a traumatic time is not only difficult, it seems downright inappropriate. But we can have joy in the memories of that person, and in how they made us feel. Behind the sorrow, it’s okay to have that feeling of joy about who that person was.


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