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Staying Healthy During Winter

Staying healthy in winter

Staying physically healthy is vitally important, and can be difficult during the autumn and winter months when it is getting cold outside. But, your mental health may be even more important than your physical health during the shorter days and longer nights. Have you ever noticed that you just don’t feel like doing as much during the autumn & winter? Does it seem like your energy gets sapped faster, even when you are doing less? Those symptoms could be because of attitude as much as exercise. It is very important to keep your spirits up during the cold months when the sun isn’t out as much. We aren’t getting as much natural vitamin D, so attitude (and maybe some vitamins) can make a huge difference.

Read more inspirational works, find ways to socialize with positive people. Or, talk to a professional about how you can keep a more positive attitude. There are many coaches available and, with the Internet, you don’t have to meet in person. Video meetings are a great way to meet, especially since you won’t have to worry about traveling. But, however you do it, find ways to keep your spirits up. Unlike some popular shows try to tell us, winter does not last forever.

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– Dr. Ty