Hire A Coach And Set Yourself Free

Every person has limiting beliefs about something.

People generally seek professional advice when they get frustrated or irritated about being stuck due to those limiting beliefs.

But, there are two reasons why they do not take or use the advice they get. First, the advice is usually the professional talking about how they would solve the problem.

That is no different from going to a motivational seminar, however. When you first leave the seminar you are all pumped up. Then, within a few days, you are back to where you were before because what you heard didn’t help make a personal change.
The second reason professional advice rarely works is because the advice did not help remove the original limiting belief that stopped the person. It may be great advice, but if past events have caused a sticking point in the person, they will not be able to use that advice. That is why a professional life coach is so important. A professional coach will help the person shatter those limiting beliefs.
One activity is to look back into your past to find a time when the issue did not affect you. What happened after that to cause the limiting belief? Did someone say or do something negative? Did setbacks cause a belief that you were not good enough?

See that time for what it really is. If it was a person saying or doing something negative, that is on them, not you. If it was a belief formed due to setbacks, look at the setback as a learning opportunity. What did you learn from it? You may see that what you learned from that negative event actually helped you to get where you are. Seeing the incident for what it really is can help to shatter limiting beliefs.

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-Dr. Ty

Are You A Different Person Than You Were 10 Years Ago?

“People don’t change” is a common saying, but a person changes a lot over time. Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? Do you make decisions the same way you did, and feel the same about everything that goes on?

Our personalities are mostly a culmination of beliefs that we have formed based on events we have gone through in the past. So, yes, our personalities can change over time as we experience new things and attach beliefs to them. Most changes will be subtle and may not even be noticeable. Some changes, however, can be drastic, especially if a person witnesses a traumatic event or the event directly happened to that person.  But there are some things that will stay the same as well.

For instance, imagine an extrovert at a party that goes terribly wrong. That person may never attend that kind of party again, but it will not make them an introvert. Likewise, an introvert may go to “the party of a lifetime,” and have the best time they have ever had at a party, but that will not make them an extrovert.

But change is a fact of life, and we can take advantage of those changes. I knew a police officer who responded mostly to domestic violence calls. He admittedly became very jaded against people, until he started to learn that domestic violence is a generational issue (meaning most people that are violent against their families were abused as children). The more he learned, the more he wanted to help end this generational “curse.” He eventually started counseling men who committed violence against their families.

Once his beliefs changed, his personality changed. Do you have limiting beliefs holding you back from Your Amazing Tomorrow?