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You have a vision of your ideal life. Maybe you have always dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur, musician, corporate executive, or world traveler. But something is holding you back because you haven’t made it a reality yet. That is where a life coach comes in. Athletes hire coaches to push them to greatness in sports, and life coaches help their clients to find success and satisfaction from their job or lifestyle. However, unlike in sports, life and wellness coaches do not focus on changing behaviors, like correcting a wild throwing arm. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), they develop their clients' overall strengths and abilities.

What Is a Life Coach?

These professionals provide the drive and guidance their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. They help clients to:

  • Recognize their skills and dreams.
  • Refocus their life's goals.
  • Move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals.

What Is a Business / Career / Entrepreneur Coach?

No matter what type of coaching you are looking for, chances are we will eventually touch on almost every aspect of your life. A business coach will help you really focus in on every aspect of your business or career to help you develop the best possible path for you to go down.

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Is a Life Coach like a Counselor?

Life coaching is not counseling or consulting. Here are the differences:

A counselor is usually a therapy specialist that helps a person confront past issues that are holding them down. Counseling may result in medication prescriptions and/or a mental health diagnosis. The counselor is the expert.

A professional consultant is an expert in a particular field. A consultant will be hired when a certain job needs to be done and nobody in the company knows how to do it. Consultants often observe what is currently going on, then instructs and critiques the client. The consultant is the expert.

Life coaching is the practice of asking powerful questions then actively listening to the answers to help the client unlock the potential that is already inside them. Life coaches do not make mental health diagnoses, and they do not give advice unless absolutely necessary. And then it will only be a small amount of advise to help the client get un-stuck. In life coaching, the coachee is the expert.


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"Why Would I Need Help?"

There are many reasons. For instance, you might consider looking for one if you:

  • Need some guidance on moving forward in your career.
  • Want to learn how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents.
  • Don't know what to do about a major life decision, such as a move or promotion.
  • Don't have an acceptable work-life balance.
  • Have a lot of stress.
  • Feel like you are stuck in a place of your life, career, or business.

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