Are you ready to start a journey toward a clearer mind, more focused thoughts, and the ability to actually get to a meeting on time? Maybe it's time for an ADHD coach.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Coaching

How would you feel if you looked at your calendar (paper, smart device, computer, etc.) and realized that, not only did you accomplished your tasks, but that you actually used the calendar!?

Break the ADD Cycle With A Coach

My private coaching centers around 5 essential skills that I have learned in managing my adult ADHD’. They are:

1. Break the cycle of forgetfulness
2. Working with your ADHD
3. Attitude Adjustment
4. Taking control of your surroundings
5. Live on purpose

Free Strategy Session ADHD Coach

ADHD coach attention deficit disorder coaching

Is An ADHD Coach Right For You?

Have you just been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and are still trying to wrap your brain around this new information? If so, it may not yet be time for an ADHD coach. Read the article in the right column before contacting me, it may be helpful!

Learn how to Focus, Let Go, and Achieve Success with an ADHD Coach

One of the greatest things I have learned is that I tend to hold on to negative emotions like they are a chocolate bar or a bag of warm popcorn. But they are not, they eat away at you.

Let go of negative emotions, focus on the positive things in life, and feel a level of personal success you may never have felt before.

I am available whether you need help with daily living or general ADHD lifestyle changes. Some of the things we can work on are:

  • Strategic planning & perspective
  • Making conscious & wise choices
  • Time, task & space management
  • Motivation & follow-through
  • Developing systems for success
  • Healthy communications & relationships
  • A deeper understanding and love of self
  • Steps toward a simplified and more orderly life
  • Achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle